Thank You 2022 Progulus Patreon Donors

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Thank You 2022 Progulus Patreon Donors

Post by scout »

Big thank you to everyone who pledged on Patreon in 2022 and helped to keep the station alive. This has been another big year in great new music and your support is key to bringing all of these new and established artists to light.

estan211 - patron for 1 month
jody (Jody) - patron for 8 months.
foster (Adam) - patron for 9 months.
Vanca93 (Ivan) - patron for 14 months.
corbob (Cory) - patron for 20 months.
Mark Hjelm - patron for 22 months.
Ryan Veety - patron for 22 months.
pearldrums000 (Levi) - patron for 22 months.
neoshredder247 (John) - patron for 23 months.
cuten (Lisa) - patron for 23 months.
Andrew Mirfin - patron for 23 months.
WildAngel (Linda) - patron for 23 months.
cloudshooter - patron for 23 months.
subphreeze (Dave) - patron for 23 months.
lastglow (Thomas) - patron for 23 months.
Buckminsterfullerene (John) - patron for 23 months.
MarekBH (John) - patron for 23 months.
SteveM (Steve) - patron for 23 months.

I tried to correlate names/email to add the tag/forum names when possible. Let me know if you would like to have yours added.
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Re: Thank You 2022 Progulus Patreon Donors

Post by pearldrums000 »

Gah, sad I can't get in on that 23 month mark. If I recall I had some sort of payment issue with Patreon and didn't get it sorted out right away. Has it really been almost 2 years since we moved to the paid shoutcast? Things have been very stable since then. Was rough for a little while before that for me at least.
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Re: Thank You 2022 Progulus Patreon Donors

Post by corbob »

Happy to have the station still up and running after so long! Thanks again for all the work y'all do, Scout, Steve, and all the music donators!