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Support Progulus Now - Patreon Account

Post by scout »

Progulus listeners,

As you may know our web streaming host has shuttered their doors, and as a result Progulus has been off the air for a few weeks now. I'm looking at getting the station back up, and right now the best option looks like going back to Live365... they offer packages that include royalties.

The stream would broadcast at 128kbs MP3, and it looks like they have their own iOS and Android apps for tuning in. The Live365 Listening Network and US Licensed Players are currently only accessible in the United States, Canada, and U.K. due to the licensing that they provide. International listeners may still listen through third party players. The downside is the cost... their plan that allows for 7000 TLH costs $275/month. That tier will provide close to the listener count that we've been running at.

I've set up a Patreon page for listeners to offer a monthly gift to help offset the costs... there are a number of tiers set up so you can offer as much or as little as you want. The Progulus communinty is dedicated and fanatical. Many of you have been here since the beginning over 15 years ago. I'm hopeful that we can get enough of you to chip in and become a member to keep the station alive. If I can get enough backers in the next week I'll go ahead and get the Live365 station set up.

The link to our Patreon page is:

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Re: Support Progulus Now - Patreon Account

Post by pearldrums000 »

Thanks everyone helping keep this place alive!