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Library Info: Trans-Siberian Orchestra :: The Lost Christmas Eve

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The Lost Christmas Eve (2004)

4.59 for 16 Votes
376 Plays
17 Jun 2021
1Faith Noel4:32290
2The Lost Christmas Eve5:33230
3Christmas Dreams3:54190
4Wizards in Winter3:061015
6Anno Domine2:1370
8Queen of the Winter Night3:1292
9Christmas Nights in Blue4:1860
10Christmas Jazz2:1740
11Christmas Jam3:48280
12Siberian Sleigh Ride3:09132
13What is Christmas?2:5130
14For the Sake of Our Brother3:0930
15The Wisdom of Snow2:0150
16Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness)3:42865
17Back to a Reason (Part II)4:5360
18Christmas Bells, Carousels & Time1:0520
19What Child is This?5:5760
20O' Come All Ye Faithful1:2630
21Christmas Canon Rock5:03142
22Different Wings2:4430
23Midnight Clear1:3830
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