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Sieges Even

Steps (1990)

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20 Oct 2020
1Tangerine Windows Of Solace - I - Alba (Instrumental)0:3600
2Tangerine Windows Of Solace - II - Epitome4:0200
3Tangerine Windows Of Solace - III - Apotheosis6:5300
4Tangerine Windows Of Solace - IV - Seasons Of Seclusion (The Prison)4:4900
5Tangerine Windows Of Solace - V - An Essay Of Relief (A Tangerine Dream)2:5200
6Tangerine Windows Of Solace - VI - Disintegration Of Lasting Hope6:2500
7Tangerine Windows Of Solace - VI - Elegy (Window Of Perception)0:5100
10The Vacuum Tube Processor4:5100
11An Act Of Acquiescence7:1600
12Anthem Chapter I4:3500
13Anthem Chapter II1:4700
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