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Gandalf's Fist

The Clockwork Fable (2016)

4.15 for 20 Votes
224 Plays
21 Oct 2020
1A Sermon For Shadowmas1:1810
1The Oldest Flame1:5810
1The Traveller And The Lighter4:1311
2The Lamplighter (Parts Xiv–xv)2:5800
2Victims Of The Light9:10592
3Flight For The Surface2:1000
3Old Friends, New Enemies4:2310
3The Unminable Zone2:3222
4Ditchwater Daisies7:22745
4The Climb12:2410
4The Lamplighter (Parts I-Viii)15:5821
5At The Summit8:0510
5In The Cavern Of The Great Cog3:5210
6Fight For The Light8:0810
6The Great Cog5:1500
6The Lamplighter (Parts Ix-Xiii)12:1300
7In The Name Of The Spy2:5610
7Quest For Power1:1200
7The Shadow Rises5:5210
8At The Sign Of The Aperture12:3310
8The Bewildering Conscience Of A Clockwork Child10:21585
8The Capture (Including The Song For A Fallen Nightkeeper)6:5152
9A Machine Serves His Purpose1:3010
9Waiting For Exile7:0610
10A Solemn Toast For The Steam Ranger Reborn10:3810
10Eve's Song8:2710
10The Clockwork Fable5:1320
11Escape From Cogtopolis1:1400
12Through The Lens3:2510
13Epilogue - Oh Bugger!1:0210
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