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Library Info: Edison's Children :: The Final Breath Before November

Edison's Children

The Final Breath Before November (2013)

4.44 for 9 Votes
6 Plays
18 Apr 2021
0Final Breath4:0400
0Light Years7:3300
1Final Breath4:0412
2Light Years6:0600
3Light Years - i. the fading1:2700
4Silhouette - i. silence can be deafening6:4700
5Silhouette - ii. welcome to your dreamland3:1600
6Silhouette - iii. where were you?12:0500
7Silhouette - iv. the longing7:4800
8Silhouette - v. the morphlux3:1210
9Silhouette - vi. i am haunted2:5100
10Silhouette - vii. what did you want?2:0400
11Silhouette - viii. the seventh sign7:0110
12Silhouette - ix. the second coming of the morphlux3:0800
13Silhouette - x. silence can be deafening (part ii)5:1300
14Silhouette - xi. welcome to your nightmares3:0712
15Silhouette - xii. music for the end credits of an existence9:1000
16Silhouette - xiii. the clock strikes november1:4100
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