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Dream Theater

The Astonishing (2016)

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30 Plays
22 Feb 2021
1Descent Of The Nomacs1:1100
2Dystopian Overture4:5142
3The Gift Of Music4:0000
4The Answer1:5300
5A Better Life4:3900
6Lord Nafaryus3:2811
7A Savior In The Square4:1400
8When Your Time Has Come4:1900
9Act Of Faythe5:0100
10Three Days3:4400
11The Hovering Sojourn0:2800
12Brother, Can You Hear Me_5:1100
13A Life Left Behind5:49142
16A Tempting Offer4:2000
17Digital Discord0:4800
18The X Aspect4:1300
19A New Beginning7:4161
20The Road To Revolution3:3511
212285 Entr'acte2:2000
22Moment Of Betrayal6:1200
23Heaven's Cove4:2000
24Begin Again3:5400
25The Path That Divides5:1010
26Machine Chatter1:0300
27The Walking Shadow2:5800
28My Last Farewell3:4500
29Losing Faythe4:1300
30Whispers On The Wind1:3700
31Hymn Of A Thousand Voices3:3900
32Our New World4:1200
33Power Down1:2500
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