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Autumn Breeze

The Molotov Ribbentrop Pact (2015)

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18 Plays
16 Jan 2021
1Watchguard In Auswitch4:3412
3War 10:3961
4Vodka In The Moscow Night5:1411
5War II0:2400
6Helsinki fires in the night Music and instruments5:2100
7War III0:3000
8Party Girls (Molotovs song I)4:5800
9Achtung (Ribbentrops song I)2:2700
10War IV0:4300
12War V0:2400
13Sun goes down over El-Alamain4:2271
14Iv signed a pact with the Devil (Molotovs song II)2:1000
15Paulina Semszjuchina (Molotovs song III)3:5310
16War VI0:2700
17Money from the USA3:0900
18War VII0:3800
19The Molotov Ribbentrop Pact4:5010
20Hitlers Death0:2200
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