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Animals As Leaders

Live 2017 (2017)

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07 Sep 2020
1Arithmophobia, Phoenix AZ6:1520
2Tempting Time, Nashville TN5:2500
3Ectogenesis, San Antonio TX4:5700
4Cognitive Contortions, Denver CO4:4000
5Tooth and Claw, Seattle WA4:3700
6Nephele, Detroit MI4:3300
7Physical Education, Philladelphia PA4:4800
8Brain Dance, Dallas TX7:2000
9Private Visions of the World, Salt Lake City UT5:0800
10Kaskade, Providence RI5:3200
11Inner Assassins, Los Angeles CA4:2000
12The Woven Web, Portland OR4:0100
13CAFO, Las Vegas NV6:4100
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