Info on listening to Progulus radio and maximizing quality

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Info on listening to Progulus radio and maximizing quality

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Progulus has two channels on Sonixcast that you can listen to:

Progressive Rock links:
or direct link:;

Progressive Metal:
or direct link:;

​The easiest option is to click on the "Listen" button at the top of the page. This will give you a .pls file that you can open in your default music player.

The best PC app for streaming seems to (still) be Winamp. It displays metatag data of the current playing song, so there's no need to keep a separate browser window open.

To play the streams in iTunes:
* Open iTunes
* Select ‘Open Stream’ from the ‘File’ menu (ctrl+b to toggle the menu bar on/off)
* Enter the audio stream URL

Two iPhone apps I've tried that stream the station ok are "VLC for Mobile" and "OPlayer Lite". Of the two, VLC for Mobile displays metatag data like in WinAmp.

To open the stream in "VLC for Mobile"

* Click the cone in the upper left corner

* Click on "Network Stream"

* Copy/past in the link above

* Click on "Open Network Stream"
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