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The Rock Opera Videogame (2015)

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10 Oct 2019
1Main Theme (Metropole Orkest)1:2400
2The Essence Of Grief (Charlotte Wessels)1:2300
3The Muse And The Conductor (Alissa White-Gluz, Marc Hudson)5:2900
4The Essence Of Despair (Charlotte Wessels)1:5800
5The Guide (Mark Jansen, Lindsay Schoolcraft)6:1200
6The Essence Of Jealousy (Charlotte Wessels)1:1900
7The Bird Goddess (Mariangela Demurtas)2:3400
8The Twins (Tony Kakko, Elise Ryd)5:3200
9The Essence Of Greed (Charlotte Wessels)1:2000
10The Heart (Henning Basse, Daniël De Jongh)6:1300
11The Creator And The Destroyer (Dani Filth, Simone Simons)8:2100
12The Sacrifice (Lisette Van Den Berg)3:1100
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