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Billy Sherwood

Back Against The Wall (Disc 2) (2005)

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15 Jul 2021
1Hey You (feat. John Wetton, Steve Lukather, Tommy Shaw & Alan White)4:4411
2Is There Anybody Out There? (feat. Adrian Belew, Billy Sherwood, Ian Anderson & Michael Sherwood)2:3900
3Nobody Home (feat. Rick Wakeman & Billy Sherwood)3:1100
4Vera (feat. Tommy Shaw, Steve Howe & Billy Sherwood)1:2300
5Bring The Boys Back Home (feat. Billy Sherwood, Jay Schellen & Michael Sherwood)1:0501
6Comfortably Numb (feat. Chris Squire, Alan White, Billy Sherwood & Jordan Berliant)6:5231
7The Show Must Go On (feat. Adrian Belew, Vinnie Colaiuta, Billy Sherwood & Michael Sherwood)1:4000
8In The Flesh (feat. Billy Sherwood, Keith Emerson, Vinnie Colaiuta, Gary Green, John Giblin & Michael Sherwood)4:2000
9Run Like Hell (feat. Jason Scheff, Dweezil Zappa, Tony Kaye, Aynsley Dunbar, Bob Kulick & Billy Sherwood)5:0912
10Waiting For The Worms (feat. Billy Sherwood, Tony Levin, Vinnie Colaiuta, Gary Green, Keith Emerson, Jim Ladd & Michael Sherwood)3:5900
12The Trial (feat. Malcolm McDowell & Billy Sherwood)5:2000
13Outside The Wall (feat. Billy Sherwood, Jim Ladd, Michael Sherwood & Jay Schellen)1:4700
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